Polygon Table

Will definitely need this in my future.

FREE Classic Particular Logo Reveal

This is a free After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 project called “Classic Particular Logo Reveal”.
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Layer Styles

After checking this post and its project file by Andrew, I realized that I have never used those layer styles in After Effects. In fact, I did even use effects to generate text shadows.. or even glow instead. Gosh..

That was a little surprise for me.

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Simple Trick Using Channel Combiner & Channel Blur

This trick is used to get rid of undesired squares (usually) on the edges and sometimes on the object surface (because of high compression etc).
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5 Basic Resolutions

FULL HD = 1920×1080
HDV = 1280×720
DV NTSC Widescreen = 720×480
DV PAL Widescreen = 720×576
HD = 960×540

2 Strict Don’ts With Project Files: Resolution & After Effects Version

These 2 simple rules you really don’t want to ignore, unless you don’t care about your sales on Videohive.

I’ll make it short.
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