The Identity

So, I’m kinda back and I’ve decided to start from a little rebranding.

By now I’ve updated some stuff on my VH profile page and made this little intro.

Also planning on making lots of free templates, because..
..which is pretty not bad.

Youtube also confirms that..

Polygon Table

Will definitely need this in my future.

FREE Classic Particular Logo Reveal

This is a free After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 project called “Classic Particular Logo Reveal”.
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Layer Styles

After checking this post and its project file by Andrew, I realized that I have never used those layer styles in After Effects. In fact, I did even use effects to generate text shadows.. or even glow instead. Gosh..

That was a little surprise for me.

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Simple Trick Using Channel Combiner & Channel Blur

This trick is used to get rid of undesired squares (usually) on the edges and sometimes on the object surface (because of high compression etc).
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5 Basic Resolutions

FULL HD = 1920×1080
HDV = 1280×720
DV NTSC Widescreen = 720×480
DV PAL Widescreen = 720×576
HD = 960×540